future card games

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Re: future card games

Post by pahldus »

Well I am waiting to get the game on Steam. It is just easier to have all of my games through 1 or 2 portals. I would prefer you put them on GOG, but oh well.
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Re: future card games

Post by Miakoda »

Well, while there is no exact release date, I can say that the Steam version is being tested.

As for GoG, I know Winter Wolves would love to have their games there, but it is up to GoG as to what is included, and what isn't.
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Re: future card games

Post by jack1974 »

Yeah, I usually wait 2-3 months to put the game on Steam, in this case also because I wanted to wait to have a more stable version of Ren'Py. Anyway as Miakoda said I made a build and I'm going to play it. I tried to sync the achivements and they work, so people who played the version from my site won't need to play it again on Steam to unlock the achievements :)
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