Valentine's Day 2 and Loren

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Valentine's Day 2 and Loren

Post by OneTrueBaldo » ... f07a41650b

I love this bundle, but I have a doubt or two too.
I do NOT have a steam account, what I get if I buy this bundle? And what happens when/if Jack releases new versions of Loren? If I remember correctly, my HumbleBundle account still has an old version of Planet Stronghold from a past bundle...
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Re: Valentine's Day 2 and Loren

Post by jack1974 »

New versions are mostly updates for new libraries but it's not like they add more content. If current version works, will surely work even in future. If I do a big update I'll update the others too. Anyway if you run the DRM-Free version in Humble, and then the demo from my site, it should show as registered.
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