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are you in favor of small puzzle/logic minigames ?

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Re: puzzles/minigames in games

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I like puzzles but I like my puzzles to be unique and hard, from what aeroprism said to have in mind they do seem to cover the unique part but from what I got they require previous knowledge of some things like that Bin to Hex and my opinion is divided on that, from one side I think it can be interesting to learn something new and that it can give a game a feeling that other puzzles can't but on the other hand I prefer for puzzles to give you all that you need to solve them on their own but at a same time that you need to figure out what you need to do on your own.

For example I liked puzzles in that game King Arthur (In fact puzzles in that game are the only things I liked), the one I especially liked where one word based puzzle where you had to choose witch door to open, right one, left one, front one and back one and when you did you would get a new choice and you ware set in labyrinth and needed to find a specific room and to solve it you needed to draw a map. It is a puzzle that is easy to make but hard to solve.
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