do you like multiple POV games ?

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do you like multiple POV games ?

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Re: do you like multiple POV games ?

Post by daikiraikimi » Fri May 10, 2013 10:09 pm

My husband and I are using a multiple POV system for a game we're working on, but in a little different fashion.

We're new to game making, so we want to release in shorter episodes, hopefully making them compatible with Android so they can be released for the OUYA. We're going to have one storyline be completely free-- the story as told by one character. But for different chapters, we will also have extra content that allows the player to see the story from another perspective, with many of the same events but also very different events depending on where the character is at the time. (Kinda like unlocking new characters in Persona 4 arena, only this is a visual novel/rpg instead of a fighting game.) These extra episodes will be fairly inexpensive, but not free.

It allows people to learn more about the characters that are their favorites without spending money on the characters that they don't care for as much. And of course to learn about all the extra secrets and get a more in depth understanding of the plot you have to play all the characters.

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