Breaking in to voice acting?

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Breaking in to voice acting?

Post by Pale_Enchantress » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:14 pm

I thought that as independent game makers you might have some insight for someone that would like to get into voice acting. I noticed that with most gamed being fully voiced now that even game modders need to get people to voice their mods. I'm not even sure where to start there though. What kind of mic would I need to get (I believe most modders work on a "record these clips and send them to me" method rather then recording in a private studio setting). I doubt I need full studio quality for small non paying projects, but I doubt the 12$ wallmart special will cut it either.

I'm a woman who was born with an intersexed condition and a severe lisp. The former has at least one positive effect on my body in that screwed up hormone balanced gave me a massive vocal range (over three octaves). The latter put me in years of speech therapy which now causes me to speak American English so precisely that people assume I'm foreign. About the only voices I can't do are exceptionally rich baritone males (Like James Earl Jones types) and average "sweet" young women as they tend to occupy that dead mans land that slumps between normal range and falsetto. Other than that I can do children, old crones, androgynous males, rugged young men, smarmy salesmen, vile seductresses. I do some stand up in mu RL burlesque routines which is partly how I discovered what a Huge vocal range I have. As much as I enjoy doing it I feel it would be a shame not to at least try to put myself out there.

So any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Breaking in to voice acting?

Post by jack1974 » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:25 pm

I've a few friends who are pro voice actresses, so I can give you their contacts if you want. Will send you a PM :)

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