Life Sim Game- With Game+ ?

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Life Sim Game- With Game+ ?

Post by Fearsome » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:08 pm

I've been craving a game where you raise a character, say a little girl or little boy, from young child to adult- and if you raised them such that they were very successful/married/etc, It unlocks game+ where THEY raise a child.

So you replay the game, but it is your son/daughter raising what amounts to your grandchild. <3
I just- love that idea. :oops:

I really want to see a cycle of positive growth- so all the extra money you managed to make by the time so-and so became 30, is used for the new game. It encourages them to marry and play around- so each husband adds, like +10 to two different stats, and your own profession/ending adds +10 to one stat... etc.

It would make for a really fun feel to the game, especially if for the first game you can only start off with the lower tiers- so son or daughter of a soldier, a farmer, a struggling merchant- and in the game + you are child of a general, a successful merchant, a noble, or a legend (For those that complete goddess quest or want to pick something besides the benefits of their husband/wife/etc).

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Re: Life Sim Game- With Game+ ?

Post by jack1974 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:01 am

Moved this topic in this forum since I want to keep the other only for specific discussion about my games. Surely that idea is interesting, and I have in mind to do something like that with Spirited Heart 2, but is really complex to do so... no promises :)

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