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Re: Fanart

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*______* Cuties! I'm gonna keep them! *________*
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Fanart of Mesphit :)
I finally want to show it off, as i repainted it it a little lately xD

Image ... -442783004
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Re: Fanart

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Impressive :shock: .
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Re: Fanart

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From: S-r Incognito
To: To whom it may concern
Subject: Technical assistance required promptly

To start with, I wish all denizens of this Forum and members of its Community a nice day. Regretfully, my first post herein, rather than being a conribution to the aforementioned Community, has to be a solicitation for assistance.

The issue at hand is as follows. Having drawn great inspiration from a Visual Novel made by our hospitable host jack1974(alias Jack Norton) entitled "Bionic Heart", I have crafted a number of Pictures to be classified as Fan Art. And while I have a genuine inclination to present these in the "Fanart" section of the "General Discussion" thread, circumstances beyond my control prevent me from attaching them to my post through file sharing Web Sites such as "" and the like.

In light of the aforementioned, I require the assistance of a Community member not faced with such limitations in posting the matherials in question. Links to these files' location at my "Google Drive" space would be given to that Person so that they could:
- post the matherials on the Forum from their own Account
- *before posting, determine whether the matherials appear artistically sound and therefore eligible for presentation to this much venerated Audience
- **before posting, provide an insight on whether the use of some graphical elements of "Bionic Heart" in these Paintings falls under the "fair use" exception (given that no specific permission has been obtained from jack1974, rather than his general permission to "do fan art of all his games" as expressed on May 25, 2012).

The latter two points are not a firm requirement, yet they would be most welcome. Point Two requires a person of certain Artistic Skill, while Point Three deals with "authorship VS fair use" concept, therefore requiring expertise in that field.

Lastly, it is preferable that assistance be rendered within 7 working days (Sundays, holidays excluded) of this date.

In the unlikely event that someone is interested in this Offer, I will provide my E-mail address for further communication.

Kind regards,
S-r Incognito

P.S.: Shall my Righting prove too complicated to read, I beg your forgiveness. Unfortunately, my grasp of the language of the Commonwealth is still rather limited.
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