Undead work in progress....

Previously known simply as "Undead Lily" or "Undead Lily and The Elemental Avengers"
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Re: Undead work in progress....

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I'm CRYING *laughs* Ash sounds like a total stoner surfer dude. I honestly wasn't so hyped for him, looking at his character design, cause I totally pegged him to be a goth emo wannabe. But he's actually the total opposite ??? Hahaha I'm seriously looking forward this game, specially if it keeps the more adult conversations <3 ;D
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Re: Undead work in progress....

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Got more texts today. Getting close to 50,000 words mark, which is quite good. This might be out next year, sooner than I thought :)
I loved this part where Mantras tried to explain Lily about the reality of the crazy world she was sucked in:
ms "Now, due to the laws of the cosmos, which encompass both space-time and eternity, which happens to be where we reside in the current circumstances, souls travel through the cosmos in a torus formation -"
ul "A what formation? Sorry, but at the moment I'm grasping the concepts of 'and' and 'the' and a few prepositions."
"Mantras produced a slate and chalk from somewhere - quite possibly thin air, which violated quite a few of the laws of physics my now-forgotten teachers had attempted to instil in me - and scratched something on the former with the latter before passing it on to me."
ul "Oh. A torus is a ring. Why didn't you say so?"
"I studied the diagram some more, more to avoid his icy gaze than because it held any fascination on its own."
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