Sacrifice_fanfic (Loren/Elenor)

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Sacrifice_fanfic (Loren/Elenor)

Post by leogrl19 »

This is so EXCITING~ I played LtAP, relatively, not long ago(WAAAAAY after release date), and I was so SAD, by LACK OF FANFIC, in ANY relationship -- but, now I find a WHOLE COMMUNITY OF YOU. The FEELS are REAL.

As you'll(quickly)discover, I'm a DIEHARD, Elenor/Loren fan. I just finished, this, yesterday, but I recently found out, Saren gets a great little scene with Loren before 'bow chica bow wow', but Elenor, doesn't. Which KILLED my po' lil writer soul. So, this is me dealing with that(and giving that closure).

As much as I'd love to post, actual WORDS, here; I can't deal with all that formatting. lol Hope all other E/L fans, out there, enjoy! And MUCHO LOVE to Jack and Aleema and everyone else involved in making this AWESOME game. <3

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Re: Sacrifice_fanfic (Loren/Elenor)

Post by Madance »

Wow. I really needed this! Thanks!
I never have thought about using the Archive of Our Own to post Loren's Fics, I'm so glad for this! Now, I have a place to put my very own as well.

By the way, I love the tension! Please keep them coming!
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