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Android Version [Lag, Etc]

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 8:51 pm
by Thalinor

First, this is my first WW game and I am really enjoying it so far, however before buying the full version I have some questions. I am playing the version from Amazon's App Store, on a Nexus 7 2013 Running Cyanogenmod 11 [Android 4.4] and experiencing major lag. I have nothing running in the background with the CPU idling before starting the game, almost 1.5 gm of ram free, and this hardware should be more than enough to run this title blazing fast. I usually see this kind of lag in an app when the code base has been ported from iOS to Android. I am not saying that's what happened, just that there is major lag between screens, clicking on things, etc. The app has not been updates since January so before I buy it I am wondering if this is known and if there is a fix coming? If I need to I can run a screen recording app and take a video of the lag. Again, it's nothing running on my device slowing it down and I can immediately close this app and start up something far more graphics intensive and have that run just fine.

Second, I see the damn kids screwed up things for us old folks once again. I am really sick of the excuse "save the kids" for dumbing down gaming, banning things PV's , trying to repeal laws, taking away our guns, etc. Seriously, FK the kids; the problem is neglectful parenting. Anyway, is there a way to copy the game files over from your website to an android data folder to get the game as it was meant to be played? I am so sick of the censorship and the fact I read you are considering just giving in to the BS is saddening. Indie developers are the last hope for gaming w/o the mainstream BS and when you guys give in it means all hope is lost.

If money is the main issue, that can be solved. I am a business owner myself, Section 9 [Inc, TM] a business consulting company and can work with you if money is a problem. The BS game "Clash of Clans" a garbage Gem Pay to Win game makes Supercell $2 million dollars a DAY and that game is not even 5% of what you have going for you with your titles. I vowed I would never give in and design one of those garbage PTW titles, but if people are going to throw away $2 million a day, better we make it than some garbage banking institution [who now owns Supercell]. Besides $2 million a day can support a lot of other great games for the rest of the community that doesn't fall for PTW crap category. Anyway, I have most of the game designed on paper and am looking for someone to program it; 80% of the profits can be yours if you are interested. Send me a PM if you would like to work together.

Small matter, but seriously signing up for these forums was a 15 minute project. Your website does not have when games were released and the "challenge question" kept saying I was getting it wrong even after finding a title in your blog. I finally got through by removing the "3" after Heileen, but you may want to consider a simple math question as that should suffice.

Thanks for the info.

Re: Android Version [Lag, Etc]

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 9:51 pm
by jack1974
about lag: unfortunately is a limit of the engine I'm using. There could be new updates to the engine to make it run faster, however for the moment the speed is what it is. Is nothing I can solve personally since I just use the engine, I'm not a expert coder myself :)
about censorship: I'm not "giving into the BS", unfortunately once again I don't have any choice - Google/Apple would remove the app INSTANTLY (and maybe even ban my company) from the store if had nudity in it. Some people suggested that I should sell the game direct. Yes, if I wanted to get a McDonald pay :lol: the money to be made in mobile is so low, and nobody buys direct from the website author so it won't be even worth the effort, sadly.
about money: thanks but I prefer freedom over it. I'm not rich but I'm comfortable, but most importantly I prefer to work on my games. And besides I wouldn't have the time now, have too many things going on.
Sorry about the trouble registering but with a simple math question I was getting 10 MANUAL SPAMMERS (so not bot that can be stopped, but real people paid by "SEO companies" to spam the forums manually). The custom questions are the only effective method.

Re: Android Version [Lag, Etc]

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 9:59 pm
by Thalinor
No worries, thanks for the info.