Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

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Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

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So, as some of you undoubtedly have finished the game (which I still haven't), you might already know all this information.
However, I was taken aback and amazed at all the choices this segment in the game offers you, so I started making a list to keep track of it.
The longer it went, the more I felt like it should turn into a walkthrough for the specific part, with most of the choices covered in a not too detailed, spoileriffic way.
Those who are interested can read my findings and plan whatever route/choices/options they want to go/take.

For sake of cleanliness, I will post the walkthrough in spoilers.
Castle of N’Mar Quest(s):

Arriving at the Castle you get two options:

Option 1) Choose to charge

This leads to battle with six undead and gives you an extra choice when you confront the Vampires for the first time, provided that you have recruited Mesphit.

After the battle it leads to a choice between 4 walls. One of them leads out, ending all choices – you can keep choosing until you find freedom.

North – Item.
East - Battle.
West - Battle.
South – Freedom.

Option 2) Choose to sneak your way

This option leads to the party dividing into two teams of Myrth or Apolimesho. You have to choose one, but there is no real difference in choosing either except for their individual abilites/unique lines.
Which party members you bring with you affects certain lines/events, but none of which prevent you from getting items.
Then you will begin navigating the Castle/Catacombs.

Note: Some of the choices represented here will not be available depending on the party members you brought with you - i.e. if you have Dora, crawling through the hole will not be selectable as she will check it for you etc.
Note also that no matter which option you choose, you always progress a little further with the navigation - even if said option tells you it leads to a dead end.

Lastly, some choices lead to reaching the goal faster, as in going the right way. For example, following the sound of water, choosing to go forward towards the sound of enemies or going through the hole. Thanks to Aleema for this information.
It is entirely possible to get all three items and no encounters, if one so chooses, however.

Possible scenarios:

If you end at hole
Choose either option, none leads to any item or battle.

If you end up at place where you choose 4 directions
North leads to battle.
East leads to battle.
South leads to next scenario.
West leads to item/dead end.

If you hear crunching and monsters are ahead
Going forward leads to monsters (duh!).
Going back leads to a new scenario

If you get to dig
Digging the ceiling makes it collapse on you, triggering funny responses from some party members, but nothing really happens.
Digging the walls leads you onward.
Digging the ground leads to item.

Choosing passageways
Going straight leads to battle.
Going left leads to item.
Going right leads to next choice.

Hearing water
Choose either, they both lead onwards

Left or right tunnel with/without bones
Left leads onwards
Right leads to battle

Whether you chose to charge the castle or navigate it, the next thing that happens is that you meet Morte.

Meeting Morte:

After a brief introduction she gives you these choices:

Choosing to kill her
You battle her and her minions and do not receive any new quest. She fights like a mixture between Hero Class (resurrection) and Chambara (Necromancy, row damage). After the fight you get the achievement for ‘Killing Morte’.
Then you can proceed onwards to meet the Vampires.

If you agree to her terms
You get a new quest from her, about killing the Death Knight, Zeal. The quest takes you to the Orcish Wastes, where you can choose to answer “Yes” or “No.”
The first option lets you fight in the Orcish Arena and also introduces you to Zeal afterwards. You skip fighting cultists this way.
The second option lets you battle the cultists first, before entering the Orcish Arena - For fighting and besting the arena, you get the associated achievement.
You then learn that Zeal is in the Vork Lair (Previously empty when searched).
However, when you find him, you do not have to kill him (See Zeal part).

If you choose to leave
You go on and can choose either option above later (Provided that Morte is still alive, see the Vampires quests further down).

Meeting the Vampires:

After meeting the ‘man of the house’, you get two or three choices, depending on how you approached the castle.

Choose to get the diamond
You get a quest for going to Hammerhand and finding a diamond (See Hammerhand Part). You can still kill the vampires later and get associated achievement.

Give them Mesphit
This one is only available if you charged through the front door.
This option leads to Mesphit's affection towards you to decrease by 1 and leads directly to N'Mar Family bossfight, after which the vampires are dead and you get the associated achievement, but cannot receive their other quests, obviously.

Kill him
This leads to fight against the man of the house Zachary + 2 Gargoyles. Afterwards, it leads to the boss fight mentioned above, N'Mar Family and after besting it the associated achievement. You obviously cannot gain any further quests from them.
Note: This option lets you get TWO Zachary Wedding Rings, if you want.


You get two choices here.

1) You can either pay 2,000 gold, if you have them and be done with the Vampires’ quest – However, you miss out on an achievement, look at next paragraph.

2) Or you can refuse and go to the Diamond Mines yourself, where tough battles await you – When you get out, you get the ‘Escaped the Diamond Mines’ achievement and get the diamond, so you can return to the Vampires and finish the quest.
If you have trouble with the Diamond Mines, I have a quick guide somewhere on this forum.

Meeting the Vampires 2nd Round:

When you return with the diamond they let the Amazons go and you fulfil your quest of saving the scouts.
However, if you return to Castle of N’Mar, they get annoyed at you.
If you chose to leave Morte when you first met her or accepted her quest, you are presented with three choices:

Accepting their proposal
They want you to kill Morte as she is annoying them – and you get this as a new quest.
Upon fulfilling this quest they are now friendly towards you and you get three choices.
If you talk to them, they hint at the fact that you can befriend/help Zeal.
You can STILL kill the vampires after this and get the associated achievement.
Note: Doing this will lock you out of completion for Morte’s quest, if you accepted it.

Refusing their proposal
They let you go and you can return and decide later.

Kill the vampires
Leaves to the boss fight with the family N'Mar and you can obtain the approriate achievement for killing them.

Zeal, the Death Knight:

Whether you find him on your own after slaying both Morte and the Vampires, not doing any of their quests or by following Morte’s lead – he presents you with an option of ‘helping’ him or fighting him.

If you fight him and Morte is NOT dead ( See Meeting the Vampires 2nd Round):

You get the King Slayer achievement.
It also lets Sauzer be ‘infected’ with Zeal’s spirit.

When you return to Morte, you finish her quest and then get some choices.
The top two sound different, but both lead up to your party fighting Morte and her minions, as she wants the now possessed Sauzer.
CHoosing to kill her, surprisingly, also lets you fight her and her minions.
You can also choose to leave and nothing happens

No matter what outcome there is here, do know that Sauzer is still possessed by Zeal’s spirit and this will have a bearing later and you cannot get the "Help Zeal" achievement in this playthrough. You'll have to reload, if you wish to do that.

If you allow him to live
You can ask him some questions and might decide that Morte is playing you.
You can then return and she gives you the option of leaving (Kill Zeal this time around if you want) or you can get to kill her.
If you do this, her associated quest with Zeal will fail and you will not gain the 500 XP for all party members.

You will be able to gain the achievement “Help Zeal” later on in the game, if you slay the vampires and report back in with Zeal.

To sum up:

If you want the most items/EXP with the least amount of loss -

Choose to find another way into the castle, find all three items and choose as many monster encounters as possible.
Then meet Morte, accept her quest. Accept the Vampires quest. Go to Hammerhand, refuse to pay and complete the Diamond Mines. Return to the vampires and accept their second quest.
The go to the Orcish Wastes, choose to fight in the arena. Get to know Zeal’s whereabouts and meet up with him. Fight him.
Return to Morte and get quest completed. After she’s dead, return to the Vampires and get the quest XP for killing Morte. Then kill the vampires.

For quickest route -

Choose to barge into the castle. Get the item and then choose the right wall to get out of the acid pit. Kill Morte right away. Kill the Vampires when you meet them. Done.
You will have to find Zeal yourself this way.

Getting the achievements –

For getting the most achievements in one go/playthrough, do everything as described in ‘getting the most items/XP’, but save before killing Zeal.
Then kill him and do as described above in the paragraphs. After the achievements, reload and let Zeal live.
You can kill Morte and the Vampires again if you so choose.
You will get ‘Help Zeal’ achievement later on.
Note: Doing this causes you to fail Morte’s quest, if you accepted it (end thus letting you miss out on 500XP)
Happy exploring and I hope you enjoy this guide!
Any questions or comments or corrections? Just make a post and I'll add with due respects.
Also, in case you're wondering... Yes, it took quite a while to try ALL choices. Don't try it. Seriously. You'll die. I just barely survived.

EDIT: Corrected a few typos and added a bit more on some paragraphs to be more concise.
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by jack1974 »

Nice, I'm making this post sticky :)
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by Leadman »

Did you notice any immediate flaws/mistakes? I tried to be as thorough as possible, but I might have missed something...
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by jack1974 »

Seems OK to me, though to be honest there are lots of choices. In any case the main possible paths seems fine :)
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by Aleema »

The catacombs do not "progress" you when you get a dead end/monster/item. It just shows you a new scenario. When you choose a correct path, a hidden number increases by one. When you've chosen three correct paths (or you've seen all of the scenarios), you'll get to Morte. So saying that it doesn't matter what you choose when you're at the hearing water scenario isn't exactly correct. You will advance forward if you choose to follow the sound, but that doesn't mean it's the last step to the end.

If you don't have Sauzer, you can still complete Morte's quest, you just won't get the respective Sauzer ending.

No walkthrough for the diamond mines? (:
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by Leadman »

Ah, thank you for elaborating on that, Aleema. I had a feeling there was some sort of counter, as I progressed through the catacombs faster some times than others.

And yes, I feel like I should have added that, of course. Just like if you haven't recruited Mesphit, you wouldn't be able to offer him to the vampires, of course. Some things I just forgot to include, but luckily they are somewhat self-explanatory.


Walkthrough for the Diamond Mines?! I got lazy! :P And I'm so tiiiiiiiiiiired.....

... But unfortunately, I can see myself ending up writing a detailed FULL GAME walkthrough at some point. I... Just... Get sucked in too easily and want to explore every aspect of a game.
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by jack1974 »

Ah yes the diamond mines! that one is quite tricky 8) now I demand you do that within the next hours! I'm joking of course, you made a very good guide already!
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by Leadman »

Argh... You're appealing to the gamer in me!

Must... Resist... Taking... On... Challenge...


... I'll be back later.

EDIT: At least I just made coffee.
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by Mariko »

Just bought the expansion a few days ago and I first played through on easy mode just to blast though it as quick as I could and then did a hard mode play through and I gotta say, I loved it.

There was more to it than I thought there would be and I loved that there was finally a way to...
end the game with out having to sacrifice either Loren or Karen or the player.
In a world where MMOs rule it says a lot that such an old school game can be so entertaining.

I sure would like to see more expansions in the future and I'll take this opportunity to put in my vote for Elenor/Myrth and Elenor/Dora romance options.

Maybe even make one of the vampires recruitable. The player could be given a choice to kill one and romance the other and ask his/her new lover to turn him/her or something along those lines.

I also had had a thought about a possible Elenor/Myrth first romatic option. After Loren walks away with the two nymphs and Elenor has the joking/friendly/forceful option the romantic option could be, "I hope the reason you haven't brought me a couple nymphs is because I'm going to get to share a bed with you tonight." although maybe that would make a better joke response. lol
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Re: Castle of N'Mar Walkthrough

Post by jack1974 »

Right now the plan is to have Loren 2 directly and no expansions. In any case from now on each expansion / DLC (however you want to call them) will be a separate story, adding content to an already finished game turned out to be a real coding / debugging nightmare :)
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