Who is the best Love Interest?

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Re: Who is the best Love Interest?

Post by Oto-me-gane »

Honestly, for me, I have a few favorite Love Interests. but, my absolute favorite was Mesphit. His route made me go through a rollercoaster of emotions, mostly just me on the verge of tears because he does what he does for his people. For me there is nothing more meaningful than doing something for the sake of your people no matter the cost. His character drew me in and I loved watching Elenor and his romance blossom.
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Re: Who is the best Love Interest?

Post by fabulaparva »

Recently, I did a quick revisit on Loren-- mainly to test if I could run it on my out-of-stone-age hardware -- and I remembered about this thread. So I came back to check this thread out again and saw some interesting ranking lists. :) I've posted here before (page 40), but now I actually managed to put my favourites in a more definitive order.

As far as romances go (reasoning for some of the options provided in my previous post-page 40) the list looks like this
1) Saren + Amukiki //All the pro-Amukiki posts around pages 39-41 explain this better than I can
2) Elenor + Mesphit //This option just captures the element of hope the best for me
3) Saren + Loren //Simply so wonderfully woven into the backbone of the whole storyline, plus the extra, awesome scenes in the beginning of chapter 4...
4) Saren + Mesphit & Elenor + Amukiki //this is a tie, because I can't decide which odd points in the romance are more of a hindrance. I didn't care for sprung ankle/weakness part with Elenor + Amukiki although I otherwise loved the rivalry between them...and on the other hand I loved the development of Saren and Mesphit's relationship even more than Elenor & Mesphit's at 2nd spot...but the ridiculousness of running back and forth between Hammerhands and Everburn while severly wounded just ... does.. not..make...sense
6)Elenor + Karen //Gosh, it kills me to put this so low on the list, but Ryzom....without him so recently passed and loved by Karen, this might be number 2 or even 1.
7)Elenor + Loren //Kind of lovely, but it loses in contrast to Saren + Loren's emotional impact on me, so down the list it goes
8.)Elenor + Rei //So remarkably well written, but so against my tastes. Seriously, listening to Rei brag about his skills in satisfying nymphs in the early stages of the romance paths just instantly starts playing the song Tonight (Best you've ever had) by John Legend & Ludacris in my head. I can't even... :P
9)Elenor/Saren + Chambara //Just don't care for her as romantic option for either. But hey, awesome CGs in the end, and she's not overtly cute so she beats:
11)Saren + Draco & Saren + Myrth //Meh, let me hit my insulin again, coz it's raining syrup and I ain't gonna go out and get myself absolutely soaking wet...

Favourite characters list looks slightly different (characters who you can have in your party, so Jul, Zeal, Tobar, etc are not taken into account here)
1) Sauzer //Love the way he turns Elenor/Saren down. Awesome, arrogant, and tragic bastard who is non-romanceable, but you can still try! +10 points! :lol:
2) Karen
3) Draco //yea, I like him a lot when Saren's not into him
4) Mesphit
5) Loren
6) Dora
7) Amukiki
8.) Ramas
9) Chambara
10) Apolimesho
11) Myrth
12) Rei

So, anyway, favourite character and the favourite romance are for me two rather separate things. I'm probably in minority for typing this in a romantically oriented VNs forum, but despite all the/my "romanceable?" jokes, I really hope that there will continue to be well-developed characters with individual & unique sprites regardless if they are romanceable or not.
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Re: Who is the best Love Interest?

Post by BobTheMob »

I haven't played all of 'em (not really one for B/B romances; only recently played Draco's since people said it was funny at times), so I can't give a complete list, but:

Elanor/Karen: It just didn't seem right, on a number of levels...

Saren/Draco: Some funny moments--esp. loved the party, when Draco had too much "grape juice" :lol: --but not really my thing.

Saren/Chambara: LOVE Chambara, but the whole thing w/ the ending seemed unfair to poor Saren.

Elanor/Loren: Their romance scene was a bit too...adult-sounding in nature for my tastes (I know that makes me sound like a prude, but whatever) and it also was a HUGE Heart-wrench at the end since the first time I played I didn't have the expansion and had Elanor sacrifice herself; I'm not one for tragedy. :cry:

Elanor/Chambara: Some quality moments in that one--Chammy saying about how they could "have fun" and the concept completely being lost on the innocent-minded Elly made for a nice laugh, for instance.

Elanor/Amukikki: The Battle scene between them had been a nice touch, and both of them finding Freedom made me feel happy. :)

Saren/Myrth: Myrth I found to be awesome, since I am a big-time nature-lover, and also try to heal people through plants. Also found the part where Saren tries to speak to Rei and keeps saying the wrong things comical.

The one thing I didn't get: How were they able to do that when the leaves covering her are actually part of her? :|

Elanor/Rei: Elanor being able to get back to her roots had been really cool, even if Rei was sometimes an arrogant showoff, haha. :P
Also found the romance scene to be very moving, as well as quite the surprise. Oh yeah, and I love the look on Elly's face when he came back after she tried to tell him off; the wide-eyed shock thing. :lol:

Saren/Loren: Saren had come from nothing: son of a captured man, treated worse than crap his entire Life, was seen as less-than-nothing by first Breeza and then Loren...but he rose up, helped rescue his Queen, promised Loren she would NOT die to rid the world of Fost, dueled (and only barely lost to prove himself to her, and then finally freed both of them when she was on the brink of collapse mentally knowing she'd have to sacrifice herself.

THAT is something I think deserves the award of:
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Re: Who is the best Love Interest?

Post by TigreBleu74 »

Only played once so far (and got stalled before chapter 4 because of some bug that's currently being addressed), but my first pick is Karen.

Second is Loren and then it's Chambara (all GxG). Wish I could get Myrth to like Elenor, but the girl's strictly into boys. Well, stuff like that does happen in real life, so it's quite fun having being 'frustrated' trying to hit on Myrth only to be ignored all the way. LoL

Wish I could end up with both Karen and Loren, though. I know: that's quite selfish, but I'd like the two of them to 'share' me (yes, I refer to Elenor as 'me' because I identify with her . . . proof the game's really good). :P

Under her strict appearance and behavior (stricter than Loren, actually), Karen is proving to be very kind individual. At first, I thought I wouldn't try anything with her because she had recently lost her lover. But the more I talked to her, the more kind she got, so her charms were soon too much to resist.

On top of that, the very sexy dom-sub relationship that exists between Loren and Elenor is also present between Karen and Elenor, and I have to say it's a very arousing factor. For all those reasons, that path was quite an easy one to follow.

Regarding Chambara, the reason that made me romance her is that she's the only one who actively flirted with me. She seems to me she's the kind of girl who would enjoy stealing me from Karen and Loren, so . . . plus factor, here. But in the end, I couldn't abandon my two mistresses unless they abandoned me in the first place, so her chances to make me her lover are lower, hence her 'third position' on my 'list'...
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