Some of my thoughts on Always Remember Me

Otome dating sim with life simulation gameplay:
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Some of my thoughts on Always Remember Me

Post by Alex81 »

It's been quite a while since last I played it, and back then? I didn't even finish a single playthrough.
Definitely my loss, as I've recently revisited the game and

It's -really- exceptionally well written, it's lighthearted and fun at times, yet, other time? It hits you like a brick stirring up stuff inside.
Not in the least in the start of the game where after an accident, I really felt pulled into the main character's (Amarantha) situation.
Having been in a traffic accident, I -know- the anxiety one feels, the fear of someone being seriously hurt, or worse....
Both that early scenario and the reactions were/felt very real, and expertly written.

The artwork is good, the game isn't fully voiced, yet the minigames/work/training voiceovers are fun "who's awesome? -I'm- awesome!" and definitely raises the mood. This game deserves praise, I had a great time playing it, and will certainly revisit until I've completed all the parts.

I loved the characters, Amarantha, auntie Gwen, Nina the cat, not to mention the potential love interests. (Even Owain and the "evil ex!" were characters I appreciated)

:) Thanks WW
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Re: Some of my thoughts on Always Remember Me

Post by jack1974 »

Haha thanks. I'm curious what people will think of the sequel since it's rather unique (married/couple life, no multiple love interests but you pick the starting one at beginning, etc).
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Re: Some of my thoughts on Always Remember Me

Post by daikiraikimi »

The idea of playing a sequel where you're already married to the person you courted in the last game super appeals to me, personally.
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