Remember Me release history

Otome dating sim with life simulation gameplay:
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Remember Me release history

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Version 1.3b
- New Easy difficulty mode
- added a DJ remix of the game theme song in the extras screen from the main menu

Version 1.2
- Fixed a bug that prevented Osher & Abigail dinner event to trigger
- Fixed a problem in Normal play mode that would increase too much Culture when talking to Lawrence, making hard to reach his normal endings. Also lowered the amount of increase of each character's associated statistic
- Changed official title to "Always Remember Me" :)

Version 1.1
- Fixed the jump back to main menu bug
- Added a "normal" and "hard" playing mode. The hard playing mode works like before, while the normal is much easier, since you get a 30% bonus on positive outcomes when doing actions that raise stats and relationship values. You have still to find the right path for each character though.
- If you get the "alone" ending, you'll get a small bonus next time you play based on the final score of the current game: 1 point for every 10 points of relationship, and 1 point for every 5 points of statistics
- Fixed many typos

Version 1.0
Initial release, probably too hard to play for most people, had a "jump back to main menu when doing overtime bug".
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