Remember Me

Otome dating sim with life simulation gameplay:
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Re: Remember Me

Post by Aorii~n » Fri May 13, 2011 2:00 pm

New here~ o/
anyhow, nice job with this game. Just finished playing the demo and bought the full version; this is the first OELVN that I've rather liked the graphics for and I was surprised Winterwolves have a tradition of making these already, awesome~ ^o^

I've been playing visual novels for years but this is the first straight-up dating sim I've played. It seems the mechanics is on par with the Social Link system of the Persona JRPG series. However, do culture/creativity/romance/discipline actually help in determining the success rate of activities or are they only for unlocking relationship scenes/endings? I haven't noticed much of any difference with a 15~20 point rise in any score and it feels that morale is by far-far-far the main proponent of success rates. There's no real description of what each of the scores are for either, whereas in Persona each type of activity lists what their 'primary attribute' is. It makes a big different when it comes to planning character development at the start of the game...

one other thing... I don't want to look like I'm complaining, and I may be stepping on some lines, but it's a problem I've always had with the OELVN market that I'd like to point out since this game sure shows that you guys have real promise: to many of highschool/college age (usually the main audience anyways), $5 and maybe $10 is a "throwaway" amt. A lot of friends I know will pop that amount to trial a game out without hesitating much. But $20 is *not* a "throwaway". This makes a rather big difference, especially when you consider that the current OELVNs have absolutely no chance of standing up against their Japanese equivalents. Consider, Persona3Portable/Persona4 only costs $60 upon release and easily cut down to $30 within a year's time (even cheaper at gamestop), and those are dating-sim elemented JRPGs with fully animated cutscenes, partial to full voice acting, and full gameplay. Straight up visual novels from Japan tends to stay at their starting $80 range a lot longer, but stuff like the full animation of 0verflow titles, the dedicated Nitro+ niche market, the famed dramatization of KEY/Minori/AKB2 studios, etc etc. One would be pretty hard pressed to claim that this game has 1/4th the story length and event CGs of their J-equals (especially since good, up-to-date J-VNs are really fancy about their transitions and minigames), and certainly not the studio reputation or the full voice acting... anyways, just something to think about when considering your business model xP

Will probably write a review for this when I get to finish it xD

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Re: Remember Me

Post by jack1974 » Fri May 13, 2011 6:46 pm

glad you liked the game. It is our first attempt in doing a full-featured dating / life simulation. I know it's not perfect or competitive with the japanese games, but the price I've set it is the one that gives best return (I've made many test with prices in the past).
About your question, you're right, the stat value has no impact on the success rate, they are needed to unlock the "special" endings (for the normal ones you only need to get 99 relationship with the boy).

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Re: Remember Me

Post by ffxplayer » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:23 am

ffxplayer wrote:I've got another bug to report...

I've been chasing Hugh(and struggling with Creativity, but I think I know what to do now)and stumbled across a scene with him in the park in the evening. Here's the problem, for some reason I'm stuck at night, with nothing appearing on ANY selection screen, except the message the park is closed when I got back there(same for restaurant and hospital). I'm not sure how I got there, I've made a spare save of the game just in case anyone wants it. I restarted the game, BTW, no change. I have an earlier save I'll go back to, but I'm afraid I'll have to avoid that scene now, which is sad.
Sorry for the slow answer, RL bit me in the bum. Anyhoo, in other news, my laptop, which is where I was playing the game, has crashed AGAIN. So no saved game file, sorry.

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Re: Remember Me

Post by aya_lyka » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:32 am

nice job with the game. i really loved it. just finished two endings the "Alone" ending and the special ending for Aaron and im currently trying to unlock the other endings. The storyline though i thought went on too fast but aside from the weird fast forwarding feel of the story the game is overall great. :)

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