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Otome dating sim:
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My Thoughts

Post by Celmisia »

So, I will join a few others in a sort of overall review. I was really pleased to find this game. I'm a fan of datesims in general, and it's hard to find one for women. I am happy to support smaller developers, as well. Double funny, as I am in school to be a paralegal myself. Bear in mind I did enjoy the game, and please take my sarcasm and general silliness in stride. Also slightly spoilery.

The Good:
-It's pretty. No, really. The characters are gorgeous, the backgrounds are detailed. It's very nicely done.
-Awesome setting for a sim, much different. And who doesn't love hot lawyers? <3
-Good plot, really liked the mystery solving end of it. It wasn't too intrusive. Perhaps the badguy would be a little obvious, you need a Decoy Jerk next time I think. Good times none the less. Ooh or better yet, maybe have one of the date-ables be the bad guy? <3 PIERRE MCEVILFACE.
-Dorothy option. I admit it, I'd let her hold me, okay?
-Pierre's hair. I call him Fluffy the Prosecutor. He can yell at me all day.

The Bad
-Dana gets kinda...stepped on.
-Kinda relates to above. If Jonathon told me I was a disappointment, I would peel off one of my platforms and beat him. The lawyers (all of 'em!) are downright rude to her sometimes. I understand it's because she's not doin' enough for them/she derped, but I really would slap Jonathon to death. I do understand it's a game. xD But the dialogue sometimes...
-As another person stated lunch time/weekends are totally empty. An option to perhaps chill with someone in their office (a la Dorothy) would have been cool. Or hey, even have them randomly show up when she's out shoppin'.
-I feel like the stress threshold from where she starts to bumble tasks is miniscule. She starts stupidin' at like 13%? I've never gotten her past like 20%, too scared. How lazy, Dana. How. Lazy.
-There's very little buildup to being LE FIRED. I Game Over'd my first run through because I wasn't in a relationship. Yes, that's part of learning the game. But it was...very sudden. Maybe a "Crown Attorney Williams watches you from across the street, stroking his invisible mustache and holding your tax forms" would be in order. I'm not sure how Canadian villians work, if it's different, and all.
-If this stuff is above Dana's head, she hella needs to go back to school.
-If I get sweet sweet monies for working overtime, you really need to raise the stress cap before she starts bumbling everything she does. Sorry Ross, didn't get my coffee this morning and my manicure chipped so...the copy room is on fire and Pierre has no eyebrows. ;( Can I get a raise?

The Buggy
-IF YOU WORK OVERTIME DANA FREAKS THE SNAP OUT textbox literally stuck with no hope of moving, until I worked overtime again. Quite annoying. Also I often load in my pajamas. It's like one of those naked in class dreams, except I'm working for the government in my pajamas.
-Tasks sometimes do not show up on the to do list. Did not understand why Pierre rode into my room on a bulldozer, apparently I was supposed to photocopy junk for him and his hair gets in his face. Game told me no such thing.
-The sound is...weird. I turn it all the way down and it still plays. :T

Other Notes:
-Sometimes when I go into someone's office to look for stuff to do, their affection for me just...drops. YOUR FACE ANGERS ME, NOW GO PHOTOCOPY THIS IN HADES. Why? o-o What's the mechanic?
-Screw you, you're a prosecutor and I'm a secretary. YOU buy ME dinner. -_-

All in all, cute game, great tone. I wish the bugs had been ironed out and I also wish there was just a smidge more content. More CGs would been nice, but I would have even settled for just more dialogue events. Anyway, keep up the good work none the less.
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Re: My Thoughts

Post by jack1974 »

Thanks for the review, don't know if the actual coder still visits my forums to see this.
Have you tried my other games like Always Remember Me ? if you like dating / life sim, maybe you'll like it too :)
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