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Card Sweethearts Walkthrough

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:48 am
by jack1974
General Guidelines:
-Women like to spend time with you, and they're more attracted to you if you're a good poker player. Play (and win) as much poker as you can with the woman of your choice.
-Winning the strip poker game will give you a pretty large boost in affection points, so do your best to win those (as if you weren't already...!). If you're not interested in a woman, then don't beat her at strip poker.

-Jade is very shy, so you have to be kind to her. If you're too forward, she'll shy away.
-After you return the key to Jade, say you have to get going.
-When you need help with Carla's case, ask Jade for help.
-Miko is aggressive and straightforward, so she's attracted to guys who are straightforward with her. It's okay to tease her a little bit, but don't push her too far or she might get angry.
-When you first visit the shop, go greet Tobias.
-When you go to visit Miko after you solve her case, compliment her.
-When you see Miko in the park with Tobias, flirt with her.
-When you first meet Becky, tease Miko.
-When you get the photo of Carla from Dino, try to reason with Miko.
-When you need help with Carla's case, ask Miko.
-Carla is very skeptical when it comes to men, and she can't be charmed by normal means. She prefers someone who's down to earth.
-When you first interview Carla, say you're from a women's magazine.
-Lisa is used to being the center of attention, so you're better off making sure she knows that you're interested in her.
-When you first meet Lisa, ask about her.
-When Lisa asks if you want to rest, say you want to eat out.
-Win the tournament.
-When/if Lisa asks if you want to stay, say you want to stay with her.