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Games based mostly on classic VN gameplay without skills, statistics, etc to raise
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what kind of writing you like in a VN

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writing style

Post by jack1974 »

I decided to do another poll :)
The first style is in practice what you've seen so far in my games. Mostly dialogues, there can be some descriptions of course, but most are direct dialogues between the characters.
Lame example made by me:
Tanya: "You look good today."
"Tanya crosses her legs and looks at you."
Luke: "Uh.. thanks."
The second is what you'd find in books. The main reason I'm asking is because if I hire other writers, they might be familiar with this writing style since is the same you use in books. It's also the style you commonly see in CYOA games:
Lame example made by me:
"Tanya crosses her legs and looks at you, and with a subtle voice says "You look good today."
Unsure about her intentions, you reply "Uh.. thanks."
Finally the third option is for people who don't care much if it's written a way or another, but matters only the idea and story. Of course in general that's true, but for people voting, means that if the idea was the same, they wouldn't care if it's written in the first or second way :)
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Re: writing style

Post by OhHaiMe »

I really like the extra insight into characters that the narrative voice can bring in book style.
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Re: writing style

Post by Alex81 »

Tough one, -but- a good question really.

I guess I should compare to Winterwolves games here (as that makes it more likely you've played them as well).
I think I'll land on "Book style" with descriptions, thoughts, as I love reading books as well, that said?

I've got fond memories from going through several of WW's , I enjoyed Bionic Heart (voices -did- feel a little ^^ "dramatic" at times, but it brought charm) , though my favourites in terms of writing? Nicole, Loren, Always Remember Me and Seasons of the Wolf.

SOTW's perhaps strongest written scene ended with me feeling completely betrayed by a certain companion (and not one I ever trusted again/forgave).
That...is a -good- thing, great writing stir feelings.
What I'm trying to say is, is that the quality of the writing is perhaps more important than the format.

So as for the poll, I'd pick the second option, followed by the third one
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