Bug or Feature?

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Bug or Feature?

Post by Torolf »

When pulling weeds from the garden plot for the first time, sometimes there aren't enough easy weeds to be able clear six plots the first day. You need at least two spots that you can clear in an hour, and sometimes there's only 1. Perhaps it's minor, but if you can't clear six plots, you lose out on an opportunity to talk to Jill.
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Re: Bug or Feature?

Post by jack1974 »

Ah no, that shouldn't happen :oops: the weeds are randomly generated but I thought there would be minimum 2 spots with 1 hour of cleaning time like you correctly suggested! I think it's rare though, in all the times I tried, was always able to make it.
You should be able to phone to Jill later and get the ending with her anyway, but still I'm going to add this to the things to fix. Thanks.
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