A Review for The Flower Shop (Summer in Fairbrook)

Dating / farming sim with scheduler: http://www.winterwolves.com/theflowershop.htm
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A Review for The Flower Shop (Summer in Fairbrook)

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The Flower Shop (Summer in Fairbrook) was--and is to this day--one of my FAVORITE visual novels!

The flower-raising simulation is fun and more than a little addictive. I was raking in the cash and having fun doing it! It's easy to get the handle of and it's rewarding to see a field full of crops.

The art was splendid! Deji has become one of my favorite artists in the online world and she did a fantastic job with all the characters in Fairbrook. Enough said. It was great, and has improved in this game's sequel!

The music was good, I especially enjoyed the romantic music that played towards the end of the game.

And finally the absolute best part of The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook: the writing.
The game's premise is simple and easy to relate with, and the subplots with each of the girl's was great... Marian in particular. She was the first character I ended up with and is my all time favorite. I first played this game on Valentine's Day, it was late, dark and cold and I was warm and cozy inside with a giddy face as I played through Marian's story. Her love of writing is a dream I share, criticism is something that feels so deflating, and the story about she and her parents was touching. Her ending was so romantic and sweet! Caught in the rain as that wonderful music played... it's still so great.

The next girl I got was Clara, I think. I enjoyed her subplot because I too grew up in a small community with a small town nearby. It's something relatable to see that people want to go to the big city, while others are comfortable where they are. Susana's was the next I got, it felt a bit bland, but still sweet, and her ending CG is probably the prettiest. Finally I got Jill's which was cool, I don't find Jill as pretty as the other girls, but her subplot was still interesting, getting back with your ex. I'm sure I would have liked the other girls more, but after seeing Marian's ending first, the other's couldn't compare. The only poor part was the Jacob and Trent were never really explored (well, not counting Winter in Fairbrook).

Honestly, I'm a bit prone to bad luck so I had the hardest time finding the scenes in the game and ended up alone at first--thank God (and Celso Riva!) for putting tips and a walkthrough online!

A rating for this game: 10/10. It's wonderful, lovely, fantastic. All those things and more. Any visual novel fan--or anyone who likes a sweet story--should add this game to their collection!
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Re: A Review for The Flower Shop (Summer in Fairbrook)

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Thanks for the review, I've sent the link to Deji and Ayu to read :)
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