2 places to save?

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Re: 2 places to save?

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candesco wrote:I play on the pc. But does it matter which kind of file it is? I mean, you could create all kind of files. But i guess it has to be a save file then? Or could it also be just a txt file?
no, the type of file is not important, but the name: The framework tries to create a folder named "saves" - this is not possible if such a name already exists: e.g. an empty files called "saves" ;)
anita wrote:I don't understand the problem. The save files aren't even 100mb together. You ahve games that waste 1Gb on FMV scenes, who cares about 100mb wasted (and probably is more like 10mb).
it's not the disk space but a principal issue: this kind of redundancy leads to weird borderline behaviour - e.g. if you restore an old backup (with timestamps etc intact) to one folder ren'py still uses the other save from the second folder because of a newer creation date of the file.

And it is good practice to separate user-specific files (saves et al) from the program files; even Microsoft learnt this lessen some 10 years ago... </rant end>
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