Activate a Character - Change Order of Attack

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Activate a Character - Change Order of Attack

Post by Sleepy Joe »

Hi and good evening.

First of all, I really enjoyed playing the first 2 Hours of Planet Stronghold. It has the charm of some classic RPGs I used to play in my childhood, combined with a new interesting background setting.

Thank you for your work! You did a really great job on it.

But there is one thing I dont understand and I cant find a forum thread (not even with a google search), which discusse this topic.

Is there any possibility to change the order I command my soldiers during battle? Or is it allway just from left to right...?

I mean, the game offers many skills you can turn into a strategie. And the sucess of a combo in a round often depents on hit chance of a skill.
Good examples are: Disrupt an enemy first with your psi-soldier (or another if the first doesnot hit) and then bring out the big guns..
Or: Try to Cure the main (most appropriate) DamageDealer from a Shock-Status and let him do the necessary last hit on an dangerous enemy.
Or: Use the soldier with the lowest attack/ accuracy to try finishing an enemy with a few HP left in the first place

There could be so many ways to plan strategies and skillcombos, if you just simply could change the order of command.
Also that could allow more tactical playing in cases where only 2 or 3 specific soldiers are available. (if there will be such)

Im will be grateful for your reply :)

With kindest regards
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Re: Activate a Character - Change Order of Attack

Post by Lonestar51 »

It is always left to right. Though there was some way to switch positions between battles, maybe by hire&fire.
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Re: Activate a Character - Change Order of Attack

Post by jack1974 »

Yes Lonestar is right, you cannot change the order in which the characters attack :oops: I used a very old system to do that game, newer games have many more features and are also more flexible :)
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Re: Activate a Character - Change Order of Attack

Post by candesco »

You can't change the order when in battle, but you can change the way who attack first. There is one exception: your hero is always the first one who attacks. But the way which crewmember attacks first can be changed. Go to the screen where you can change your party. Now let's say that you want to have the current one who attacks now as second attack as last. Simply remove that person from the party. Then let it join again.
The system works from left to right, so everytime you take one out everyone else move up. In this case if you take the 2nd out, then the 3rd becomes 2nd and the 4th becomes 3rd.
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