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Steam Testing - Bionic Hearts 2 Grammar/Typos

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:19 am
by Miakoda
A familiar suggestion ;) If you can, coloring the last save with yellow is a nice feature.

During the game there are several 'Social Boss Fights'. Some are easier, other require more thinking.

Change 'other' to the plural 'others:
Some are easier, others require more thinking.

I knew that Luke, Tom, and also Luke's girlfriend, Helen, had only one chance to escape the long reaches of Nanotech.

You could remove the 'also', and the sentence would flow a little better:
I knew that Luke, Tom, and Luke's girlfriend, Helen, had..

Tanya Vanic
Everything! Didn't hear me? The bastard set everything in motion!

Put 'you' before 'hear':
Everything! Didn't you hear me?