New fan!

A dark sci-fi visual novel:
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New fan!

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Just tried "Bionic Heart 1" yesterday and was hooked immediately. I bought it within a few minutes.
Looking forward to finishing the game. I like it so much that I will buy it on my Android tablet as well, just tried the demo.

I was sad to read on your Twitter account that Bionic Heart 2 apparently is not selling too well and that it will be your last VN.
Each to their own (hope that's proper English), but I appreciate the games that are less about sex/dating and focus more on sci-fi/story etc. a lot more (not that I have anything against it, but that's a different story ;) ).

Will buy episode 2 on both desktop and Android as well, hopefully it helps a little to cover costs eventually.

Anyway keep up the good work. Looking forward to Planet Stronghold 2 as well, although I suck at 1.... it's the first the RPG I've played in a long time however ;).

Anyway just wanted to thank you for your hard work!

PS: Had quite a hard time searching for the answer of your forum registration page ;)
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Re: New fan!

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Thanks :)
From my experience the VN without romances don't sell as well, though it might be just my personal experience. One day, I want to make an adventure game, since I think is a better medium to tell a story to the public, but that requires more money so won't happen anytime soon.
Thanks for your support, and don't worry for PS2 I'll make an easier difficulty level, like Loren, so people that play just to enjoy the story will be happy.

p.s. I need to use difficult answers on the registration page to avoid idiots paid by "SEO companies" that register only to spam forums. Which is pointless since when I catch them I ban them forever, but still have to waste precious time :mrgreen:
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