one story, seperate games or?

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one story, seperate games or?

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In the yuri poll of the third game i asked if you needed all of the 3 games. The dev himself said i could just go for one, but then i might miss some scenes.
I ended up buying the whole bundle and have no regret from that. But now i wonder: is the whole heileen serie just one big story chopped in three games, but those ones are seperate or could you use a save from one to another?
I thought they are all seperate games, but that 2 and 3 continue the story of it's predecessor. My guess is then the dev just mean you miss the stories of heileen 1 and 2 then if you go straight for 3.
In the meantime i just finished the first game and got the traveller rank. But it seems i've missed one of the 3 special endings if you stick with one person.
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Re: one story, seperate games or?

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Yes are separate, you can't use saves from previous games. I made them through several years (2008 to 2013).
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