Heileen series review

A visual novel set in the 17th century: http://www.heileen.com/
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Re: Heileen series review

Post by Franka »

The word I should have used was "bias" rather than agenda. However, it was hardly a false accusation, when you yourself are stating your desire to influence the art direction of future Winter Wolves games, something that the majority of your text seems to lead up to.

The only reason I'm pretty much posting one liners is that I'm very sick of internet arguments, but at the same time disagree with your opinion and would like that to be known.

I would however like to go a bit into something that I just thought about. Your example of androgyny cites a very typical exemplary image of the Japanese take on androgyny. Well, Japanese animé androgyny clichés have two options: Effeminate men or cross dressing women. While Rebecca (artist on Heileen / BH) draws in an animé style, what she's doing seems to be going against this particular animé cliché, and I for one applaud that heavily. Instead of being another follower of the herd of manga artists copying each other endlessly, Rebecca has managed a style that is her very own. One that goes against the grain and gives a different take on combining features and still manages to be attractive (to some). I think that's bloody brilliant and not something that needs to be shot down.

Can we personally disagree with this style? Of course we can, we all have personal bias. I myself dislike parts of Rebecca's style because I'm not a fan of overly exaggerated features. This dislike certainly does not extend to the point where I find it heavily distracting or offensive though. At the same time, like I said above, I applaud what she's doing on principle.

And hey, sorry about your shoulder. I'm not out to get you, I just disagree with your opinion, and the opinions of your like minded friends / associates, on the artwork doen for the Heileen series. I am also a strong opponent of blanket statements such as "The Art work in the game is VERY SEXIST, to everyone."

Hope everybody has a good Christmas.
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Re: Heileen series review

Post by Lady Tarrika »

Personally i felt the music was decent, the storyline fairly thought out in the long run ( over the course of three games ), and the art was better then a number of games ive seen released by different companies in recent months /years.

I myself am picky a game has to have a good combination of things for me to like it. The heileen series as a whole was very good in my opinion ( although i havent completely finished the third or unlocked everything yet as i did with Loren ).

So Heileen series gets a two paws (thumbs) up from me.
The Moonlight Glade supports Winter Wolves, a big thank you to the creative artists, songmakers, and story creators of Loren the Amazon Princess and Heileen Series.
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Re: Heileen series review

Post by candesco »

In the first post i read something about a npc called anna in the first game and that one being one of the dates. Now i'm confused. Are we talking here about the same red haired friend from heileen which is also coming along on the trip?
As far as i know that one is called Marie and not Anna. Unless things have changed in the meantime. Played myself the webversion of the first one.
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