Learning Skills/Abilities/Spells in game

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Re: Learning Skills/Abilities/Spells in game

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Lonestar51 wrote:Now that is just plain evil :mrgreen: I like it. :twisted:
evil? nah, only a cheap throw-away joke at the expense of the single-use books trope.

evil would be to make the skill solid for every class and completely game-breaking overpowered for Barbarians - and the player will be never NEVER able to use this variant of the attack.

Say the melee skill delievers 125 % base damage to a single foe with a 25 % chance of slowed for 3 turns, but below this description a paragraph "class Barbarian only" promises 500 % base damage to the whole front row with a 75 % chance of paralyzed for 6 turn - that would be evil.


On second thoughts - actually I like it very much, games should sometimes mess with the player's head :)
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