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Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:31 am
by SweetLove
I believe Zeal ending is canon.

By the way, how does interracial genetics work in Aravorn? Can all races fully interbreed with each other, or are halfbreeds sterile like mules in real life or with other implications?

The background of the dark elves seem to indicate there are no such problems, but considering Mesphit's condition, it's not exactly clear what being "half-demon" even means, so I'm rather unsure about the issue.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:49 am
by jack1974
Well, being a fantasy game, most things are related to magic. So in THEORY any race could mix with others, under the right magic conditions (so not "normally"). In my idea is that it would begin with two people of a specific race giving birth to a new race (like a normal elf+demon giving birth to dark elves) and then, depending on the situations, the newborn person would be able to reproduce like a new race.
There isn't a fixed rule of course, I left it a bit open so could be adapted case by case. In Loren 2 there'll be the first lizardmen-human hybrid (Selith) and in another game currently in the works the first feline-human hybrids 8)

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:26 am
by MrEnvy8
Here's a question for everyone: What's your preferred system of measurement in your fantasy?

Do you prefer they just use the real world terms? So Centimeter, Meter (or feet & inches if you like your hogs to the ramrod), etc? Or do you prefer fantasy terms: "Ilm" "yonz"? Do you prefer real, but medieval terms (Hands, pace etc)?

Myself I lean toward a fantasy name with a real world equivalent. But I'm curious what the players like to see.

This is quite relevant to Aravorn, because I don't believe it's been solidified yet.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:47 am
by kadakithis
I always prefer realworld equivalents because I never really can translate quickly what something really is. In general I have difficulty imagining visuals, and fantastic names often make me picture blankness so the description is just skipped over in my mind. So a creature 50 yonz away, becomes I know a creature exists. But I admit I do not mind and actually enjoy medieval terms, but I study a lot of history and it took me a long time to get some of the terms lol.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:13 am
by Ryocchi
Yup, I'm with the real world equivalents as well, less confusing.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:15 am
by jack1974
For me personally I like medieval terms, or real world terms. For coins, is different, I think it's cool to have different currencies (even if in my games I just used "gold" so far!).

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:14 am
by kadakithis
I agree with the currencies! The weirder the better, especially with how its done. I once played a game that actually used a barter system. How much you "sold" unlocked more merchandise of the other person. But it only counted from one person to another, and some items were more useful than others depending on where you were.

It was an rpg, but man everything was useful to trade or use. It was also interesting since it could have been abused, but there was little reason to, as the great items were always earned, and all you were getting was items back. But yeah, weird currencies are really cool. Although it can go overboard. I had a DM once who changed the exchange rate every time we came to a new city, my 500 gold in one city was worth 30 in the new one or 700 somewhere else. Too much realism to me.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:04 pm
by MrEnvy8
Hmm... as far as currencies... Due to the tensions/war of the first (Loren) game's era, it's unlikely that the Elf kingdom and Empire use the same coinage. They are probably making inroads to that, diplomatically speaking since they've had 10 years of relative peace. But they're both proud peoples so I'd guess the going is pretty slow. Zoltar obviously would use different currency from either place.

That said, gold is shiny and generally considered nice so the term "gold coin" is probably a good catch all for money wherever you are. If there's time, there may be a scene about converting empire gold to elven gold.

My guess is that the Amazons would use empire coin. Internally, they're close knit enough that I can see a barter system seeing common use. Especially since the Amazons prize physical prowess over material wealth. Since the empire is more willing to trade than it seems the elves were, any coin the amazons kept would have been used for trading with the empire. So there was probably already an inroad there, and when the borders opened up after the first game, it would have been an easy policy to just adopt that coinage, again, for trading purposes.

Somewhere there's another game about the geopolitical ramifications of all these world-ending events, but I don't think that's going to be in this one :)

back to measurements for a moment: I think I'll do a mix of medieval and metric. So, a "pace" is the base unit of distance. Then it's a tenpace, a hundredpace, etc, etc. Metric is just easier on the math.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:26 am
by Jaeger
Real world systems of measurement is preferable. You want to get your information across to the reader as efficiently as possible. Having to make them stop and use a conversion will just disengage the reader and bog down the pace. The only time you might want to consider a made-up system of measurement is if it's used as part of a conversation or puzzle. The metric is preferable, since it is the most familiar internationally and the fact that units are measured in tens makes it easier to calculate and convert units.

When it comes to currency, the creators have more control over the economy systems and the value of goods. Thus, you can easily get away with fictional currency.

Re: The world of Aravorn

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:51 am
by kadakithis
I always kinda imagined they all measured wealth differently. So I imagine Amazons care more about land, they talk a lot about their produce and uh, slaves so it makes sense they care a lot more about property than gold or wealth as a whole lot of medieval societies did. They also stress location more. So it makes sense that they might trade properties around with each other but gold is useful as well, but not as much.

Elves are very communistic? They achieve nearly everything by magic. I imagine gold is not very useful among each other. Also how Rei talks, it is like he was assigned his role. He achieves what he needs, and enjoys the benefits. They even are slightly xenophobic so I imagine they only charge foreigners. Since even taxation isn't needed due to living and communing with their place of living?

The empire seems like its got to the point where it has land and trades everything on coin. There is a bit of a barter system among some parts but mostly seems to stress coin more. Probably the most capitalistic? But not completely because it still stresses nobility over money. Money is worthwhile in society and can take you far, but it is not the defining factor. Things will limit the market due to "noble" concerns.

Reiz seems more like a full capitalism. Money defines actions of the state and is the most worthwhile thing. Money determines your place in society, and is a way of changing your station, if you can make it.

And the dwarves? Haven't quite seen enough of them to be sure. Most likely like the Empire, everyone wants money, but it doesn't have as much say as who your family is?

Correct me if I'm wrong those were just kinda how I pictured it. I think way too much about weird details of fantasy worlds I know fairly little about.