Aravorn (games) timeline

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Aravorn (games) timeline

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This was in my wiki before the website got broken. I'm going to repost it here to keep track (mostly for myself haha):

0 - The town of Grimoire is founded

99 - Dark elves are born. At the same time, the Blood Realm is discovered by a group of powerful mages.

100 to 600 - The Five Hundred Years War between humans and elves. Dwarves remains neutral and dark elves are banished from GrandTree.

250 to 300 - A group of elves starts the excavation of The Golden Orb, an artifact that could help them win the battle against humans.

301 - Because of the excavation, an ancient tomb is opened, freeing Mother Morte and her army of the undead. The elves manage to defeat her but not kill her. She hides somewhere in the underground.

606 - Orcs attacks the Dwarven town of Hammerhands. Ramas and Dora fight for the freedom of their people.

625 to 630 - First war (also called The Old War): humans and elves fight against demons lead by Fost. Notable characters: Apolimesho, Tobaar, Ashtran

638 -The daughter of Guard Captain Samael disappears from Lothark. There are suspicious activities in town, including a series of murders happening after midnight. Related game: TFTU: After Midnight

640 - For the first time in Aravorn history, a marriage between a Nomad and an elf from Triberg is arranged.

644 - Apolimesho starts the Academy of Alchemy and Magical arts where he teaches alchemy.

653 - Vampires are discovered on N'Mar. Grimoire Council and Apolimesho appoint "The Envoy" to lead an expedition with help from Karen. Related game: Cursed Lands.

655 - Revolt against Rogan the Red in the town of Hesperos, Locutia Islands.

657 - Amukiki becomes champion of the Grimoire Arena.

662 - a young dark elf baby is abandoned on the forest of Howlgrove, near the town of Icesilia. Vin the witch takes care of her, naming her Amber.

666 to 667 -Second war against demons under Loren's command. Notable characters: Loren, Saren/Elenor, Jul, Fost. Related game: Loren The Amazon Princess

670 - Two snow-elf twins Althea and Shea go on a long journey which will take them from the ice-shrouded Ninim to the desert-wrapped city of Dingirra to the storm-shrouded port of Shacklesplit. Related game: Seasons Of The Wolf

671 - Alchemy competition happens in Grimoire. Haros is placed second after Apolimesho. Third place for Lydia the Moon Elf.

672 - An elven marriage between the moon elf Lydia and the high priestess Marian will take place in the town of Triberg. Both Grimoire and Grandtree sends representatives to assist Lydia.

673 - Big changes happen in the town of Dingirra. The Four Families and Grand Mogul Rafik lose control of the city.

674 - Jul leads an army of demons to wage combat. Jul is easily captured by the Amazons who keep her in the Citadel dungeon to interrogate her...

675 - After the abolition of the slavery laws, unrest grows in the Amazons Citadel. Loren and Karen need to stay vigilant

676 - Civil unrest and power-hungry wizards cause the Empire Of Man to be split into regions and city-states. What once was a united empire, now lies shattered in various pieces. The witch hunt returns stronger than ever.

677 - In the town of Ahkra, three sisters challenge the evil landlord Raul to free their mother, the infamous Queen Of Thieves. Related game: Queen Of Thieves

678 - Amber leaves Vin and goes to the town of Icesilia to train as apprentice alchemist for Haros. Related game: Amber's Magic Shop

725 - Lilith, a half demoness, join forces with Odette and Evelyn to fight back the evil Wizards of Grimoire. Related game: TFTU: Lilith

760 - In the far away town of Triberg, southern Issanis, a young girl becomes famous for her skills in various fields. Playing as Ruko, Trixi, and Hellen. Related game: Spirited Heart

NOTE: might tweak some dates to keep consistency and update old games dates as well. Trying to merge all the games written by various writers without doing too much damage! lol
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