Spirited Heart Review

Life simulation game in a fantasy world: http://www.winterwolves.com/spiritedheart.htm
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Spirited Heart Review

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Am making this topic for people to put their reviews and opinions on the game. Please do not insult anyone, and remember that this are just opinions.

This game actually is entertaining, not the most amazing, but still fun to play. The story is pretty simple, since there isn't much of it. There's no much of a script written in it, mostly in the romances than anything else. The characters are actually nice, but the characters in the expansion Girl's Love, are way better than the other ones. The costumes that the characters put on depending on the jobs, is well varied, which is actually fun to see how they look like, but it would have been better if we had a gallery that we could unlock or it unlocks after seen the costume. There are no achievements in this game, which doesn't bother me that much, but there are titles which you can unlock. Like the gallery issues, you can't see it or save it in a gallery. The soundtrack was nice in the game, but I did not liked that many. The backgrounds were varied depending on the job, which is a nice addition, and the resting places were nice looking too.

The gameplay is simple, since is a Life Sim game, you try to rise your stats by working or going to rest in certain places. Some random events happen that could affect you negatively or positively, which tends to give the idea of been prepared for anything. You can also try to romance one of the characters in the game, which you need to certain jobs to do that. Like work as a farmer or a guard will start a romance with different characters. I did not liked this because, it feels forced. Like you can't be what you want to be, because to start a romance, you have to go to a job, that you may not like at all. Of course, they give you a lot of time to start and finish a romance. If each week is a day, you could have somewhere around, 500+ days to start and finish the romance. Which is nice, but it would help if there was like a special area where the romance character will be, with out wasting days having to work on a job that you don't want. The game ends when you run out of time, you finish a goddess mission or you marry. The marriage ending can be gained pretty quickly, around the age of 20 to 23. The goddess can take longer, so you have the option to end the game quickly or keep going with your story. I would have liked if, after marriage keep going with the story to complete the goddess mission, or giving you the option of keep going after marriage. There's no special scene or event even when your engage, except when you reach max relationship when your romance proposes marriage. The endings are well varied depending which romance you got, but if you get the same romance with a different character, the picture is the same, but the text is different. It gives it more variation, but not that much. A different picture with a different text would have helped it. I also think that, it would have been nice if there were like ranks in the jobs, like from apprentice to master, and depending on those ranks you would get more money or something of the sorts.

Overall: it was an entertaining game. I only played the Girl's Love pack instead of the original, but I believe that it would have been the same. Since the only difference is that, you get BxG romances instead of GxG romances. I know that is the first game in the series, but it could have been better. Good news is, I read that Jack is working on a sequel of these game, so I can't wait to try it when it comes out and is sounds much better than the first one. We can only wait and see. The game costs $19.99 if you buy either the original or the Girl's love alone, which is an acceptable price for this game, but like I said it could have been better. For now this games gets my score of 7/10.
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