Dialogue Mix up in Girl's Love

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Dialogue Mix up in Girl's Love

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I found a part where I think Ruko (the human girl) and Yanna's dialogue labels get mixed up. In the event where you first meet Yanna:

"I hear the pigs squealing from a pen nearby.
Yanna: I'm sorry. I have to go now. Lots of work to do...
I stand up and she smiles at me. She doesn't seem to care about all the work to be done on her own farm.
Ruko: Okie-dokie. Bye bye.
I walk away, shaking my head. Strange girl..."

It seems to me that Yanna's line is Ruko's, since Ruko is the one doing work, and Ruko's is Yanna's line.

I also found one line of Thoft's that is missing a capital letter. It's when he says he planted the roses, in his third event:
"Gardening. you mean?"
He also says"
"Now should be fine. Let's so."
Which should be "Now should be fine. Let's do so."
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Re: Dialogue Mix up in Girl's Love

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Ah yes, thanks! Will change them now :)
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