Fun, but a little frustrating - Original Game

Life simulation game in a fantasy world:
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Fun, but a little frustrating - Original Game

Post by Terhial »

I have been playing through the original Spirited Hearts and I realize that the Deluxe version is a friendlier game, but I see no specific information addressing my one major bit of feedback, although there is the possibility "New Events" address this point quite well.

I am enjoying Spirited Hearts, but the one thing that really stands out at this point in the old game is just how many random events are negative to new character. Coupled with the need to suss out how to just progress in the game as a new player, this was a fair turn off for a while.

I am left wanting some random events that make me feel good if they show up without requiring a check to get to the enjoyable part. Events like these don't need to directly benefit the character. Just a few things like the character having a pleasant conversation with a stranger, finding a coin or a four-leaf clover, picking/smelling some flowers, or having a nice walk to work.

I'm still enjoying the game, so keep up the good work.
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Re: Fun, but a little frustrating - Original Game

Post by jack1974 »

True, that's a good idea. I might add some in the upcoming expansion/update that should be out this summer :)
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