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Progress report/status/anything?

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:00 am
by myrmidon
Is anyone working on this game? I believe that it is basically in a beta state. I put money down on the game hoping there would be commitment for progress to complete the game. At least a progress report telling me that there is hope for a future version would be nice.

I like the concept and see a lot of potential here....especially in the custom builds and tech tree.

Some suggestions:

1. AI should never strand a single ship in planetary orbit. The repair/crew bonuses are too small to matter, and the default builds the AI uses won't allow that single ship to turn fast enough to engage after the first few salvos.

In all, a single ship just sitting there chews up player time.

2. Consider having the entire AI defending fleet fight together. All trying to destroy or capture as many attacking ships before going down.

3. Neutral planets should be different technology levels...or are researching/upgrading at a moderate pace themselves. Once the player can send large mid-tech fleets to conquer systems, the business of conquering neutrals becomes boring and repetitive.

Re: Progress report/status/anything?

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:24 pm
by jack1974
Hello, I'm the programmer :) concering your suggestions:
1. I'm thinking to increase the bonuses, since it should give more advantage to the defenders than it does now. The CPU places the units on planets but if during the battles it has only few units left, it moves them towards the player to attack, so you shouldn't experience slowdowns because of this.
2. What you mean exactly by that? grouping all the enemy ship close together?
3. I'm considering another option, that is limiting the number of ships you can send on planets depending on the size, or something else. The neutral player can't use special technologies like the Blue Army and Blood Legion, so the alternatives to balance the gameplay are limiting the ships numbers or something else, maybe place more neutral units to defend or as I posted above in 1. increase the planets bonuses.

I'm working on many projects right now but I always try to update from time to time the older games I've made.

Re: Progress report/status/anything?

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:28 pm
by myrmidon
Regarding neutral ship placement: seems to me that single ships out there by themselves really won't get anything grouping them is the only way to go. Suggest to rarely have that "group" within initial player sensor range.

Regarding planet health bonuses: Sure they could be larger for the defender but unless the AI retreats "damaged ships" to planets it still wouldn't matter much IMHO. Also, why would an attacker be able to get these at all? Perhaps the planet "shipyard" bonus shouldn't apply to bad guys...

I wrote up a bunch of suggestions but then saw your statement "older games" I understand about priorities and if this game isn't really slated for major updates then no need I guess. Sorry I found out about this game so late, but I do like the potential for later versions.

...if you are working on another "space strategy" game like this one I would be very interested to know about it!