incoming update 1.0.3 - some doubts

A space strategy macromanagement game with turnbased battles.
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Re: incoming update 1.0.3 - some doubts

Post by biff »

Sounds great.

I'm not sure about limiting the number of ships but I'll see how it gets implemented before I comment further.

One other bug I discovered today is that when I was using a scout to attack an interceptor the interceptors crew went UP from 6 to 12 during the attack. It seemed to go back to 6 at the beginning of the next battle turn but still it was strange.
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Re: incoming update 1.0.3 - some doubts

Post by jack1974 »

I've uploaded the new 1.0.3. beta (this is final release candidate). Check it out, I think I fixed lot of the problems! (same downloads URLs as before).
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