It's Been a Long Time Coming... Thanks!

A space strategy macromanagement game with turnbased battles.
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It's Been a Long Time Coming... Thanks!

Post by Songbird »

This game is a true gem. I scooped this one up fast!

I am so glad an Indie developer took on classic strategy space wargaming. I still have a copy of "Star General" by SSI (made in 1996 mind you) on my pc. If you are not familiar with the game, try it, and you'll know why I fell in love with Supernova 2 so quickly.

I've no suggestions at the moment, but I do look forward to continued play with this title. I did not get much out of the first game, but S2... nice work Winter Wolves!

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Post by jack1974 »

Thanks for the compliments!...Ah the good old SSI games... :cry: (nostalgic cries)

Unfortunately I never managed to buy the Star General one (was a moneyless kid at those times), but I've played the Panzer and Fantasy General, and loved them :) they were indeed a good source of inspiration for the wargame part, even if then I added some unique (at least I consider that) features like the firing angles.

...actually I could even make a fantasy and a warfare version of my game using the engine... worth thinking about it ;)
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