Supernova 2 Spacewar release history

A space strategy macromanagement game with turnbased battles.
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Supernova 2 Spacewar release history

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Supernova 2: Spacewar (version 1.0.3)
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What’s New in 1.0.3
* added Skirmish Mode, which lets you focus on the wargame part only: all techs are known and you get unlimited resources and money to build your fleet directly on startup
* added “Ship Customization” screen where you'll be able to create custom ship blueprints modifying an existing one: each device now require a certain amount of space, but the possible custom combinations are thousands
* added the “Statistics Screen” where you can see various interesting statistics about your current game like battles win/lost, total ship killed/lost, and so on
* added a real-time turn option during the game macromanagement part, so that time advances automatically without you having to press end turn. You can use + and – keys to change game speed or press “P” key to pause/unpause
* increased the floating text speed between each turn to reduce the waiting time
* the weapons panel now opens only if you have a target or if you hover the mouse on any of your ships
* you now start the game with a random amount of materials and money available to build immediately a small fleet
* added some new stronger weapons for the neutral army (Gaussian Weapons line)
* in technology screen the weapon devices now also display the ammo available
* you'll see the battlefield type displayed on top-right part of the wargame screen now
* bugfix – now if you defend your homeworld, you don't lose automatically the game when you come back to the Galaxy Map screen
* bugfix - if you don't have enough ships the next button is now disabled in the unit placement phase during the wargame battles

What’s New in 1.0.2
* fixed a bug that lets you discover some alien technologies without first conquering the starsystems containing the alien relics
* fixed a bug that was allowing you to place only a minor number of ships in the wargame than the regular amount
* added confirmation pop-up windows for exiting the game or overwriting old savegames
* added the Research Lab technologies that will shorten research times considerably and lowered the cost of some initial techs to reduce the startup time
* now the difficulty level doesn't influence the number, but the quality of the ships you'll encounter when conquering a starsystem
* added the possibility to save your game during the wargame battles
* added online manual for the game that can be viewed directly on the game webpage
* you can now show/hide the Quick Tips panel in the wargame pressing the T key
* you now undo your ship placement during the placement phase by picking up a ship and clicking on the bottom bar to remove it from the battlefield
* you can now press the spacebar during the placement phase to have the computer automatically place the ship on the battlefield in random positions

What’s New in 1.0.1

* fixed a bug when launching the browser to check new version online that was causing problems on some macs
* fixed some missing technologies for Blood Legion (was appearing on early 1.0 versions)
* added explanation of why you can't reach some starsystem in the galaxy map if you choose few starsystems
* fixed some minor typos in the game texts, expecially tutorials
* now you can unselect the current ship by clicking on an empty cell

What’s New in 1.0

· fixed a small memory leak that was present in beta 0.99 that caused some crashes on some mac / pc
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