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Re: Suggestions welcome

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:21 am
Ah, as someone who played countless hours of Lands of Lore, Eye of the Beholder, Stonekeep, Whale's Voyage and Realms of Arkania, i am very happy to see this!

Eye of the Beholder was one of my first and truthly memorable games, i remember recruiting mom & dad (as i didint even knew to read english back then) to actually try to help me with some of the things that game throws at you (for the unware, that game throw not only monsters, but rather complicated puzzles, which involved floorplates, traps, REALLY hard riddles that require expecific item placement and much more!).

My only sugestion is this: if you have a ideia for the game but fear that it might make the game extremely hard... DO NOT hesitate to put it in! :)

Even if this doesnt come into frutuition, its nice to know that your also interested in such games, they seem to be a rather dead genre in this day & age.

Re: Suggestions welcome

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:40 am
by jack1974
Yeah for now this project is on hiatus, need first to finish some other games and also see if Ren'Py is the right tech for this kind of game. I guess something like Eye of the beholder (not true 3d) is possible. Also had a coder friend interested in doing a 3d plugin for Ren'Py, but so far nothing came out of it. I'll make it someday though, I really like this kind of games :)