the polygamy thread (SPOILERS!!!!)

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Re: the polygamy thread (SPOILERS!!!!)

Post by KagenNoTsuki » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:52 pm

Beardy Bro wrote:just make next game yuri harem and we'll call it even :gamer:
I second this. :lol:

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Re: the polygamy thread (SPOILERS!!!!)

Post by jack1974 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:12 pm

No harem in sight, though I was counting and there are 3 yuri only dating sim in progress plus almost all future games will have a yuri option, so... :)

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Re: the polygamy thread (SPOILERS!!!!)

Post by Sylrissa » Sun May 07, 2017 8:00 pm

I don't have any major problems with the Cosmina&Reed poly route as I think it was actually handled rather well, with a few issues here and there, but nothings perfect, overall I found myself enjoying that was a surprising amount!

My main complaints are with the Lynn&Lair one and how it just felt very uncomfortable to me and left a bad taste. Previous posters have pointed it out quite well.
(Not blaming forsaken AT ALL, as I know it wasn't her fault and she did the best possible work with a bad situation, taking over from another writer is never an easy task, and considering the circumstance did a commendable job! )
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Re: the polygamy thread (SPOILERS!!!!)

Post by leogrl19 » Thu May 18, 2017 8:47 pm

So, I officially, bought Amber's yesterday, and very good, Jack/everyone involved! Played the demo, first, and was immediately hooked. An aside, but I have to say, I was so IMPRESSED with the level of characterization of the 3 romanceable chicas (Cosmina, Ruby, Lynn); they were all, such interesting, women--and being the yuri lover I am--I was so happy with the opportunity to know them. I also loved that each of them had a healthy possession of their own sexuality -- even Lynn, who was the 'bashful' type. :wink:

Reading through this thread, I agree with a lot of the other posters: I do feel like the Lynn L+ romance did end on a sour note, even with the clear distinction of Lair and Amber having no feelings for each other. I won't rehash, but that was the biggest reason it left a bad taste, personally; I don't mind poly ships in the slightest, if the chemistry is there, but when two of the characters, so obviously, don't have any romantic inclinations toward one another, it feels very much, like a 'third wheel' situation and extraordinarily uncomfortable. It's not so much the distinction of both Lair and Amber, having Lynn in their own way, but that it cheapens all their relationships, because it feels like Lynn is on loan. I haven't played through all of Lynn's endings, but from what I've read, there's one where Amber can have her to herself, so that's lovely, but I just wanted to give a(hopefully) constructive critique on that.

As for Cosmina & Reed poly route, I truly enjoyed it! Again, haven't played all the endings, but it's my favorite, by far; that chemistry, I mentioned, was definitely there, and all three's banter was really wonderful. I didn't have a problem, with the 2 being a package deal(although, I WILL ADMIT, DARNIT, I'd TOTES go for a Cosmina only route); their feelings were so genuine, and I truly got the vibe, even without backstory, BOTH, Cos and Reed accepted Amber as a person they could trust in a political and often, harsh, environment fraught with betrayal and repressed emotion. The only thing I'll add(because I've seen no mention of it), is, thinking it would have added more depth and overall 'smoothness', if there were more solo Reed interactions.
I get it: It's hard out there for a royal, and it was completely plausible that they couldn't leave the palace, often. But, I so, cherished EVERY moment I got with Cosmina, alone; it would have been nice to learn a little more about Reed and what he was about. I don't know if there was a way you could get him for the date event? I saw mention of that, but no clue.
I also would have liked the possibility of having solo intimate encounters -- even if, only in writing. I think the threesome was well done(though I could see why some would think Amber just jumping into it would be a little OOC), but what I think people don't really get to see with poly relationships, is the interaction between just two of the 3(+) members. It doesn't make the relationship, any less poly, in my opinion, if you have a scene with Cos and Amber lovingly kissing in the gardens or Amber and Reed smooching in her alchemist workshop while he helps her prepare a potion. Naturally, time/budget/LIFE constraints, so I hope you don't see that as a criticism; more a wistful longing. Also, as a poster previously wrote: PERFECT fodder for fanfic! Be on the lookout for some Cos/Reed/Amber, oneshots in the future~

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