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best love interest (otome version)

A mystery life sim set in college. GxB and GxG options planned

who is the best love interest in Nicole otome version?

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby sabreene » Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:53 am

It was a toss up between Darren and Kurt for me.

At the beginning I thought I wouldn't like Kurt, but he really grew on me to fight for first place.
Even with how obnoxious Kurt comes off, he makes you laugh and feel good. I also liked how he realized early on he wanted to date Nicole, and he didn't fight his feelings. Instead he was open about it and asked her out.

Darren I felt a real connection with early on. Not sure if this is really a spoiler, but
with Darren and Voix being one and the same, it felt like he was the best friend and fit for her, intellectually. If he'd been a tad more comfortable at the very end with being affectionate, he would've beat out Kurt. As it was, they were neck and neck.

Ted was nice, but I don't like being yelled at or told what to do. Even though I knew he was a good guy and Nicole handled it so well, the yelling thing got to me. Now, his dad Ron on the other hand.... :P
Ted did have a very nice ending scene, and there were a few times he actually joked a little, and the dancing! I loved those bits. I think Nicole will eventually wear him down on his no PDA thing.

Jeff... well. Jeff was interesting. I actually liked how Jeff acted at the end of the last normal scene and the beginning of the special scene, when he meets her out of her final.
He was actually very nice, respectful, loving and affectionate at the end. However, some of his story was too much for me. I can't get over him abducting girls and keeping them locked up for 3 days, no matter how (crazily) well-intentioned it was. Maybe if it had been something different, like he provided them an option to try a new potion/drug that could help enhance their lives, and they willingly volunteered to be part of it. But kidnapping and drugging them... even if he didn't do anything to them, they will never know that. It's like being roofied. I can't stop feeling for those (fictional) girls. He may as well have assaulted them, since in their minds that will be what they think happened, no matter how many times they're told he did nothing to them.

No matter my favorite, all the stories were great fun to play!

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby SholtoMaru » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:45 am

I have to say, I loved Darren. He was adorable, and very charming. I loved that slightly insecure underdog vibe to him, and his looks were pretty appealing. I mean, he was really cute. And after him, I loved Jeff. I love those slightly off, strange characters, they're the most interesting, and the most fun!

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby ShyGuysAreTheBest » Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:38 am

SholtoMaru wrote:I have to say, I loved Darren. He was adorable, and very charming. I loved that slightly insecure underdog vibe to him, and his looks were pretty appealing. I mean, he was really cute. And after him, I loved Jeff. I love those slightly off, strange characters, they're the most interesting, and the most fun!

Pretty much this. I originally abandoned Jeff and started a Darren file when I found out he was.. well, you know (plus when I finally met Darren it was like OMGPERFECT). But then after I went back and he really grew on me.
The scene where
he's reluctantly pushing Nicole away and is worried he has to rape her to do it
was surprisingly touching. I realized all he needed was someone to confide in, and he became much less psychotic. It was fun to tame him and bring out his best side.

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby lanielle » Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:55 am

  1. Darren
  2. Jeff
  3. Kurt
  4. Ted
My first crush was Darren. At the time when all the characters were introduced, he seemed like the one for me.
Kind of like who would appreciate women most. The Rollr thing and Voix was a big plus! Only downside was that he wasn't a big fan of touching. Oh well, nobody's perfect!

When trying to romance Darren, I accidentally went for the wrong stat (I had it right but then my first gift to him threw me off :D)... soOooO I went for: Jeff. I ended up liking him a lot!
The romance was really something else! :D Jeff's life story was touching and it was really nice seeing him improve. Jeff was full of surprises and really interesting to get to know.

Then comes Kurt with his smooth ways.
I kind of liked how he flirted all the time and was so openly into Nicole. But part of me did not do well with his large experience with women, and the way he casually jumped from one relationship to another (or that's the feel I got anyway).

With Ted I could not connect romantically that well. Maybe because I feel like I am Ted and Nicole would be my spouse :D

I liked romancing everyone, all of them were like real people. Every romance had it's moments where my heart fluttered.

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby Catowynchan » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:05 am

My favorite would definitely be Darren. I like them all, but I culd definitely relate to Darren the most. Not to mention, he is hands down the most adorable. ^.^ He is pretty closely followed by Ted and then Kurt and Jeff, who happen to be tied.

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby Kass1214 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:00 am

Darren, definitely. I like the shy, sweet, classic guys.


When Ted stun-gunned Jeff in Ted's special ending, I totally swooned right there.

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby Laineygirly » Thu May 08, 2014 5:56 pm

No love for Kurt? He's got the lowest votes.

I loved his story so much! He's super cute and funny too. I'm not usually fond of the football player/cheerleader relationships but this one I really liked. I really liked Darren's and Ted's too, but nothing could top Kurt's for me. It was the first one I played, kinda wished I saved it for last. Jeff's route was just a little too weird for me, I couldn't connect like I felt I should have.

Now, Ron on the other hand. ;) Totally should have been an option. Kurt and Ron's smiles, man. My heart can't handle it. <3

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby Azureth » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:58 am

So, I mostly picked up Nicole for market research, as an aspiring VN/RPG game dev, but yeah. I'm officially hooked, haha. As this rant will reveal.

Usually, I get super sick of playing the same VN over and over just to get different endings, especially in a game with a static main plot, such as this, but in Nicole it was worth every minute. All of the characters were so vastly different, and had such great character arcs! How can one choose between them?? Darren was my first pick, and gah, the cute, so cute. After than I romanced Ted, which was a lot better than I was expecting. Loved it. Then Jeff's was so unique (and on reflection probably my favourite by a teensy bit, because of the unexpected way he behaved), and Kurt's was adorable. Substance, they all had substance, and I loved all of them. (Even though I maxed out wit the first time whilst playing Darren's route...oops.)

Just a Winter Wolves fan (as of a week ago) tossing in her two cents. Can't wait for the yuri version!!! Now excuse me while I go and play the rest of your games. Loren in particular looks exciting!

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Re: best love interest (otome version)

Postby jack1974 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:52 am

Thanks :) yeah Loren seems a good one if you like character development/romance and don't want a RPG gameplay too hard/complex :)

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