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Re: Release date?

Post by Axia88 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:32 pm

Hi everyone.

First Jack1974, don't compare SOTW with Loren, i think the two was too different.
I like them both, i really love the epicness of Loren, and i love the romance of SOTW (specially Chalassa/Althea, probably the best romance so far)

I think the way you choose for happy or bad romance ending with SOTW was good, you let the choice to choose an hardest way to get wath you want, or make your way to the end and deal with it.
I think both people who need happy and "realistic" ending are ok with that ^^.
Like some other, i was a bit frustrated by the ending of Eleanor/Loren romance, cause i have the feeling to pass through all of this challenges, all this fights, all this choices, for nothing.
The end seems to me like "Hey, they live together, but someday Loren die and Eleanor ended alone, deal". Wow... ^^
But ok, i'm not complaining about that.
I was really happy by your choice for Chalassa/Althea, it's not an happy ending, they share some burden, but they try to do their best together, and decide to walk forward.
The epilogue is just perfect with the background music, just make me tear (well, not exactly, but i feel something during this sequence ^^).

If i can make a preference choice for the drawing art, i think the one from Loren and SOTW was better than Bad Blood.
I like too the one from Bad Blood, but the characters seems too different to me from their SOTW version...
Except for the epilogue sequence, i love the tearing Althea (so cute, ok i'm done with it now).

Pave César, and sorry for my bad english, greeting from France, and good luck with your future project.

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Re: Release date?

Post by jack1974 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:44 pm

What characters you are referring to in Bad Blood ? the animal spirits? otherwise the art and colorists are the same of SOTW so I don't understand :)

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Re: Release date?

Post by Axia88 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:35 am

It's not all Bad Blood, just some of them like the one when Althea ride Akkarim, the one when she kiss Chalassa, the Chalthea romance epilogue.
The Drawing seems more mature to me. Like a painting.
I don't remember same art in Loren or SOTW
The Animal Spirits are fine (i love fox, she's too fur ^^).

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