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characters intros

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Re: characters intros

Postby jack1974 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:12 am

BobTheMob wrote:Seriously though: I don't get the whole thing w/ Vin being worried Amber would become evil if she learned Dark Magic due to her blood; I would've imagined that by that point Demon blood would be all but completely gone from Dark Elves since countless generations had passed since the pact was first made--Tobaar even said in LtAP that it was extremely diluted and this takes place over a decade after that. :|

Haha it's good to have fans that remember such details, since it's hard for me/us to remember everything written in several games :)
However even if diluted, demon blood is still powerful. Also there aren't other dark elves using dark magic. Toobar is like a druid in Loren. And you see what happens to Mesphit when he enrages (he turns into a sort of demon-beast!). So I'd say that even if diluted, wouldn't still be wise to use dark magic for a dark elves.
Of course, unless he/she wants to become more powerful but uncontrollable on purpose! :)

Regarding the competition, what Forsaken said. In Loren 2, there'll be a moment in which a very important potion needs to be made, and the only two people who could do it are Apolimesho or Lydia... :wink:

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