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Re: Estimate release dates of next games

Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:17 pm
by jack1974
Yes I'll post some previews of them in the blog (I already did on Patreon). I want to do a "proper" blog post introduction though.

I don't expect to be out next year because the game isn't written in Ren'py, Fen wrote it in a word doc. "Translating" it into Renpy will probably take 1-2 months just that (because of its size).
Then, there is all the scripting. For such a big game, that's another 2-3 months.
Then, at last, the RPG design. Rules, gameplay, inventory. If I was using Loren/SOTW framework MAYBE I could get it done in 5-6 months. But I'd prefer to use the new framework Anima is working on, since has support for ammo and other stuff (in current one I should hack it).

So we would be already around October/November next year, assuming there are ZERO PROBLEMS (all the romance CG are to be done, and some art, the full soundtrack as well, etc). And all of this doesn't include testing :mrgreen:

If I was like some devs that just use RPGMaker, reskin the art, and keep same rules, would be easier for sure :lol: but as you can imagine a RPG with Steampunk setting is VERY different from a fantasy one.

Re: Estimate release dates of next games

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:28 pm
by SerTabris
jack1974 wrote:Today's update is about Roger Steel writing. Fen it's almost done with Ann's story, and like with Loren, Arthur's story will reuse most dialogues except the romance/dialogue scenes, so should "only" add a few thousands words more :lol:

With how common the idea of 'male-as-default' is, I'm happy to see Ann's story being written first.

Re: Estimate release dates of next games

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:32 pm
by jack1974
First update of new year! Nothing big though:
- Amber's Magic Shop: Aleema is scripting the game while I'm doing the shop builder sim (currently planning the art)
- Undead Lily: doing the gameplay design, while some artists are doing the icons and the GUI for the battles
- Roger Steel: Fen decided to spend the first two months (maybe less if he can finish sooner) transposing the current script to renpy format, and then finishing the story directly in renpy, since it's faster
- Love Bites: got all the music for it
- <CURSED GAME> more art, almost all the new CGs are finished
I had several more updates with other unannounced games but as you know, from now on I'll talk in public only about the currently announced games :mrgreen: